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Corpus Christi major industries include military, maritime, petroleum, oil production, and manufacturing. Until asbestos became a strictly regulated material in the 1980s, most of these industries used the hazardous carcinogen for various commercial purposes. Asbestos was a popular ingredient in numerous commercial products due to its excellent resistance to heat and fire. As a result, many former Corpus Christi workers are now suffering from asbestos-induced diseases such as malignant mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer. Others are now living with the fear of developing such catastrophic conditions because of their prior occupational exposure to asbestos fibers. Injured workers are eligible to receive substantial financial compensation. At present, there is nearly $30 billion in asbestos trust funds formed for the purppose of compensating individuals who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related ailments. We can help you locate efficient and experienced mesothelioma lawyers in Corpus Christi.

Finding Corpus Christi Mesothelioma Lawyers

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Koch Oil Refinery

Though it was constructed in 1952, Koch Refinery in Corpus Christi is one of the new refineries in the U.S. However, asbestos was a common ingredient in numerous commercial products and an extensively used construction material in the 1950s. Koch Refinery used asbestos in numerous equipment and products, including: machinery; pipes; insulation; pumps; gaskets; construction products; conduits; and columns.

Apart from asbestos hazard, Koch is also known for exposing workers to benzene, an organic chemical compound linked to diseases including cancer. In 2000, the U.S. Justice Department charged the company and its four employees with 97 environmental violations. According to the Department of Justice, Koch violated federal air pollution & hazardous waste laws at its West Plant refinery in Corpus Christi and made false statements to Texas environmental officials. The company admitted guilty to a count of concealment of info and agreed to pay $10M in criminal fines and another $10M for community service programs.

Later, Koch changed its name to “Flint Hills Resources” which appears more environmentally sound. However, the company continued to emit massive amounts of pollutants including asbestos fibers and benzene into the Corpus Christi’s air even after changing its name.

Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD)

CCAD has been repairing and reconstructing air crafts and air craft parts such as engines, components, and helicopter wings since 1961. As most other businesses and military bases, the CCAD also used asbestos in many products and equipment all through its facilities.

In 2001, 3500 depot employees won an $83 Million lawsuit filed over occupational asbestos exposure. After that, former and present CCAD supervisors filed a lawsuit, claiming that they suffered asbestos exposure on a daily basis while working at the depot. This lawsuit, which was filed in 2003, sought 8 percent of the hourly wages for each of the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs also asked for $18M in attorney’s fees.

Other Corpus Christi Businesses Known for Asbestos Exposure

In addition to Koch Refinery and CCAD, there were many other businesses in the city that heavily relied on asbestos until the 1980s. These companies include:

Oil Refineries
  • Amerada Hess Refinery
  • American Smelting and Refining Company
  • CITGO Refining’s Corpus Christi Refinery
  • Coastal Corp
  • Corn Products Refining Co (now known as Ingredion)
  • Southwestern Oil and Refining Co
  • Valero Bill Greehey Refinery
Power Plants & Stations
  • Celanese Corp Chemical Plant
  • Corpus Christi Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Lon C. Hill Power Station
  • Nueces Bay Power Plant
  • Turning Basin Powerhouse
  • CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital
  • Driscoll Children’s Hospital

Other Buildings, Businesses, and Job Sites

  • American Bank Building
  • American Chrome and Chemicals
  • American Minerals Spirits
  • Berry Construction
  • Berry Fabricators
  • Borden Company
  • Central Power and Light (CPL)
  • Coastal Iron Works Fabrication Shop
  • Corpus Christi Naval Air Station (NAS)
  • Gulf Belting and Gasket Co
  • J.T. Thorpe
  • Javelina Gas Recovery
  • Gilman Fabrication Shop
  • Langford Company
  • Reynolds Metals
  • Reynolds Sherwin Plant
  • Precision Insulation

Medical Help in and Near Corpus Christi

Thomas-Spann Clinic, P.A. (formerly known as Cancer Specialists of South Texas) has been providing integrated State-of-the-Art treatment and oncological care in Corpus Christi for several decades.

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Another cancer treatment option near the city is the University of Texas (UT) MD Anderson Cancer Center, which is a NCI-Designated Cancer Center. In addition to advanced treatment options, the MD Anderson Cancer Center offers ongoing clinical trials and research.

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Houston, TX 77030

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