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Kentucky Mesothelioma Lawyer

Kentucky, which is located in the east south-central part of the U.S., is one of the four states constituted as a commonwealth (along with Virginia, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania). It is the twenty-sixth most populous state in the country.

The major source of asbestos exposure in Kentucky was various industries that used the cancer-causing mineral until the Environmental Protection Agency implemented strict regulations on asbestos use in the 1980s. These industries include construction, railroad, sheet metal work, and plumbing. Thousands of residents worked every day at coal mines in Kentucky which were littered with hazardous asbestos. Hundreds of former Kentucky workers have lost their lives already because of mesothelioma and other diseases linked to asbestos exposure.

If you, a family member, or a loved one has been diagnosed with an injury caused by asbestos exposure, you have good chance to get compensation from asbestos trust funds. Consult a dedicated Kentucky mesothelioma lawyer to know your legal options and get paid at the earliest.

Kentucky Job Sites Associated with Asbestos Exposure

Coal mining was the major source of income for numerous Kentucky workers. Unfortunately, drilling machinery, exhaust fan, and almost all other machines and equipment used in coal mines contained asbestos. Coal mines used asbestos extensively due to its capability to resist high temperature, fire and heat. Additionally, there are many schools in Kentucky which were constructed prior to the 1980s. Many of them still contain asbestos because it was a very popular construction material until a few decades back. Some of these schools are:

  • Ballard HS, Louisville
  • Burkhead Elementary, Elizabethtown
  • Carroll County HS, Carrollton
  • Centre College, Danville
  • E. Kentucky State College, Richmond
  • Elizabethtown High School, Elizabethtown
  • Highlands HS, Fort Thomas
  • Indian Trail Elementary, Louisville
  • Johnson HS, Fort Thomas
  • Klondike Elementary, Louisville
  • Morehead College, Morehead
  • Pleasure Ridge Park HS, Jeffersonville
  • Ruth Moyer Elementary, Fort Thomas

Military bases in Kentucky also used asbestos extensively until the 1970s and 80s. Former construction workers in Kentucky also are at the risk of developing asbestos-related conditions because the construction industry used the deadly carcinogen in a variety of products such as cement, floor tiles, roofing shingles, ceiling tiles, joining compounds etc. Former plumbers, sheet metal workers, and railroad workers in Kentucky also are at the risk of contracting asbestos-related diseases.

Chemical Companies

Carbon & Carbon Chemicals Corp, Kevil

Hooker Chemical Corp, South Shore

Mathieson Chemical Co, Brandenburg

M&T Chemical, Carrollton

Railroad Companies

Northwestern Railroad, Russell

Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) Railroad, Raceland

Power Companies

Big River Power Co, Sebree

Big Sandy Power Station, Louisa

Cooper Powerhouse, Burnside

Dix Dam Power Plant, Burgin

  1. Kentucky Power Co-Op Spurlock Station, Maysville
  2. Kentucky Power Corp, Ford

Green River Generating Station, Central City

John Sherman Cooper Power Station, Somerset

Kenneth C. Coleman Generating Station, Hawesville

Louisa Generating Station, Louisa

TVA Powerplant, Paradise

Tyrone Power, Tyrone

Asbestos Statistics in Kentucky

According to a report published by the Environmental Working Group, nearly 2400 people have lost their lives from various asbestos-related injuries between 1999 and 2013. Out of this, 444 deaths were caused by mesothelioma and 172 were caused by asbestosis.

Kentucky Statute of Limitations for Asbestos-Related Lawsuits

Under Kentucky Rev. Stat. Ann. § 413.080 et seq., claimants filing asbestos exposure suits have to follow the same statute of limitations for personal injury claims. The lawsuits should be filed within a year after the diagnosis or discovery of the injury. For a wrongful death suit, the plaintiff has to file within 2 years following the death of the asbestos victim.


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