Mesothelioma Claims: Need Help Getting Started?

mesothelioma claimsAsbestos Mesothelioma Claims & Settlements

The care provided by mesothelioma practitioners does not come cheap, but it is essential. Many people wonder about how they can possibly keep up with their medical bills, particularly as the illness often strikes those who have already retired, and if they hadn’t retired the disease and its effects forces the mesothelioma patient to stop.  Because of the expenses, the loss of income and other impacts of the disease, many mesothelioma patients file mesothelioma claims for compensation for their expenses.

Different Types of Claims

There are a number of different types of mesothelioma claims that a person that has been diagnosed with mesothelioma can file. These include:

  • Bankruptcy Trust Claim

  • Personal Injury Claim

  • Wrongful Death Claim

  • Workmen’s Compensation or Veterans’ Benefits Claim

An experienced mesothelioma law firm can assist you in determining which type of claim will be most beneficial for your particular situation. The attorneys at Danziger & De Llano have been helping mesothelioma victims make this type of decision for decades; we can help you too.

Bankruptcy Trust Claim

Asbestos bankruptcy trust is set up when a company that has been found to be responsible for many asbestos exposures. There are many companies that have faced litigation so many times that they filed for bankruptcy in order to regain their financial stability and find a way to pay their victims’ expenses in a more controlled and predictable way.

When a bankruptcy trust claim is filed there is no court proceeding. The patient’s information is provided and a formula is used to determine the amount of compensation that will be paid out.

Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury claim is filed when one party is responsible for the injuries done to the other. In the case of exposure to asbestos, it has been established that many companies that exposed their employees or clients to the substance were aware of its dangers, but chose not to warn them or do anything to protect them.

As a result, these companies have been found to be responsible for the harm that was done and have been made to pay for victims’ medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. A personal injury claim is filed through the courts, and is either tried before a judge and jury or settled out of court.

Wrongful Death Claim

When a mesothelioma victim dies before they are able to file a personal injury claim for their expenses and other damages, their surviving family members are able to file a similar lawsuit for the wrongful death of their loved one. A wrongful death mesothelioma claim pursues compensation for the same types of expenses that a personal injury claim would have had the person lived long enough to file it, and like a personal injury claim, it is also filed through the courts.

Workmen’s Compensation or Veterans Benefits Claims

Another option for those who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma after having been exposed to asbestos on the job or while serving in one of the branches of the United States armed forces is to file a workmen’s compensation claim or file a claim for benefits from the Veterans Affairs Administration.

Traditionally these two types of claims provide lower compensation then an asbestos bankruptcy trust claim, a personal injury claim or a wrongful death claim.

Which Mesothelioma Claim is Right For You?

There are a variety of advantages and disadvantages to pursuing each type of mesothelioma claim, and the best thing that you can do to make certain that you are making the correct decision for yourself and for your loved ones is to consult with an experienced mesothelioma law firm.

The law firm of Danziger & De Llano has been advising and representing mesothelioma victims for over two decades. We are familiar with each kind of mesothelioma claim and can discuss the pros and cons with you so that you can make an informed decision.