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Why Choose Danziger & De Llano?

Danziger & De Llano is one of the country’s most experienced and respected law firms that represents mesothelioma victims.

We have committed ourselves for over two decades to helping those who have been victimized by large corporations and uncaring employers, providing compassionate and qualified legal assistance aimed at getting both justice and financial compensation for them and for their loved ones.

Our know-how and passion for seeing our clients get what they deserve has been proven time and time again, as we win the highest possible jury awards and settlement agreements on their behalf.

Working with Danziger & De Llano ensures you that you will be treated with the professionalism and attention that you deserve and that your case will be handled in the way that will both maximize the amount of payment you receive and best meets the needs of you and your family.

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Mesothelioma and Asbestos Experience

 Why Choose Danziger & De Llano?If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, your head is probably spinning. Not only is the diagnosis devastating from a medical standpoint,

but once you start realizing that this fatal illness has actually been caused by the negligence and callous indifference of either the company you worked for, the manufacturer whose products you worked with, or both, your blood will begin to boil. Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is caused by only one thing – exposure to asbestos.

More and more information has come out over the last several years about the way that employers whose workers were exposed to asbestos actively hid the information about the health risks involved, and as a result of this, filing a mesothelioma lawsuit through mesothelioma trust funds has become very common.

Specific Mesothelioma Knowledge

Though there are plenty of attorneys who will tell you that they are qualified to represent your case and who will promise you high payouts, there are a number of reasons why it is crucial that you choose a law firm that has extensive knowledge about mesothelioma in addition to a successful and long track record of representing and winning mesothelioma cases for their clients.

Danziger & De Llano has both. Not only have we spent years working on behalf of mesothelioma clients, but we are continually adding to our resources and pool of knowledge on this disease in order to be the best possible resource for our clients.

Whether you need information about where to find the best possible mesothelioma treatment, or how to get into a clinical trial, or where to find a support group that can meet your family’s needs, Danziger & De Llano is ready to help you with whatever questions you may have.

Call us today at 1-800-706-5606. We truly care about our clients and their families.

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National Reach and Reputation, Local Feel

Asbestos and mesothelioma cases can be filed all over the country, but not every law firm that claims to represent mesothelioma cases is able to provide representation in every state.

Not only can Danziger & De Llano pursue a lawsuit on your behalf wherever it is appropriate, but we also have full knowledge as to all of the specific rules governing the filing of mesothelioma cases in every locale.

This is very important, as each state has its own rules regarding time limitations and requirements for filing mesothelioma cases, and if you are working with a firm that isn’t familiar with these differences, you run the risk of missing important deadlines and being shut out of the possibility of collecting the mesothelioma settlement that you deserve.

But the mesothelioma law firm of Danziger & De Llano stands out for more than our ability to provide you with the reach you need. We also provide you with the personal touch that is so important during this emotional time. When you work with the mesothelioma attorneys at Danziger & De Llano, you know that you are working with somebody who truly cares.

Danziger & De Llano Provide Everything You Need

Pursuing a mesothelioma lawsuit with a mesothelioma attorney can be a complex matter, but it shouldn’t feel that way to you. Whether you are a mesothelioma patient or your loved one is the patient, you have better things to worry about then the infinite amount of research and detail that goes into preparing a case.

Danziger & De Llano have the resources to do all of the legwork and investigation without bothering you with the details; we’ll gather the information that we need and then let you concentrate on the rest of your life, working on your health and spending time with your family and friends.

Call a mesothelioma lawyer at Danziger & De Llano today at 1-800-706-5606 and set up a convenient time for a consultation. We’re here to serve you and get you the mesothelioma compensation that you and your loved ones are entitled to.