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Who are the Best Mesothelioma Lawyers in Your Area?

We have helped over a 1,000 mesothelioma clients find the best lawyer. We provide options and choices — and if asked — make recommendations. Use our information to select the mesothelioma lawyers in your area that provides the assistance you need or call us at 1-800-706-5606.

How We Help You

  • Free Firm Brochures: We will send you Free Brochures from the top mesothelioma firms in your area. This is the important first step for you to educate yourself on who is the asbestos firm best suitable to represent you.
  • Settlement & Recovery Data: In addition to firm brochures we can share with you how different firms have done representing clients from your area and with your work history. It is amazing how differently law firm results can vary for clients in similar situations. This is crucial data that one needs to make an educated decision and ensure you select the best lawyer. Try our Case Value Calculator to get an idea of case values.
  • $30 Billion Bankruptcy Trust: We will send you information on the 25 plus different bankruptcy trusts that you may be eligible for. Finding the right lawyer who knows how to file with the trusts is crucial to ensuring you obtain the compensation you deserve from all potential sources.
  • VA Claims & Benefits: VA claims are so important to help with medical bills and expenses. Filing government claims is never easy. Does the law firm have a Veteran Benefit Specialist on staff that can assist you and make sure the claims are filed correctly? A lack of experience can result in long delays and potential denial of the claims.
  • Patient Travel & Assistance Programs: Mesothelioma victims usually recover millions of dollars in compensation. However, patients need funds for medical and living as soon as they are diagnosed. Does the law firm help with travel and living expenses for their clients now when they need it or do you have to wait years till the case settles?

Case Value Calculator

To get a quick understanding of what your case could be worth fill out the Case Value Calculator.

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Ethical Law Firm

What is the firm’s reputation? Do they represent their clients properly? Are there scandals surrounding the firm? Is the firm stable? Do they have money to fund the litigation? Have they had a significant amount of lawyers leave? Are there other issues that will distract them from spending the time and energy to properly pursue your claim? This type of information is important to know when choosing a mesothelioma law firm.

Local is Important

Sometimes law firms want to file the case where they have an office and where it is convenient for them. The case should be filed in the right court house. Often this is where the asbestos exposure was or where you reside. Let us connect you with the right law firm.

Get Started

The first step to selecting the right law firm is completing the form or calling us directly. We will then mail you, via next day delivery, the various law firm brochures, VA benefit information, asbestos trust forms and patient travel and medical assistance information for your review.

For a complete mesothelioma packet with detailed information on how to select a lawyer in your area please fill out our Contact Form or call us toll free at 1-800-706-5606.

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Why Request our Free Mesothelioma Guide?

By providing you options, we have helped thousands of mesothelioma patients find the best law firm based on their location, work history, military service and many other factors.

We have committed ourselves for over two decades to providing information to patients who have been victimized by large corporations. We will let you know which mesothelioma law firms provide compassionate and qualified legal assistance aimed at obtaining both justice and the maximum financial compensation for you and your loved ones.

Our know-how and passion for seeing our clients receive what they deserve has been proven time and time again. By placing victims with a firm that can maximize compensation, the people we have helped have won the highest possible jury awards and settlement amounts. In fact, the people we have helped have recovered over $500 million dollars in verdicts and settlements.

Working with us ensures you that you will be treated with the professionalism and attention that you deserve and that your case will be handled in the way that will both maximize the amount of payment you receive and best meets the needs of you and your family.

Call us for more information at 1-800-706-5606 so can find the right mesothelioma attorney to help you and your family. Fill out the form for a Free Mesothelioma Guide so we can send you information so you can get started.

Asbestos causes Mesothelioma

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with mesothelioma and require mesothelioma treatment, your head is probably spinning. Not only is the diagnosis devastating from a medical standpoint, but once you start realizing that this fatal illness has actually been caused by the negligence and callous indifference of the asbestos manufacturers, your blood will begin to boil.

More and more information has come out over the last several years about the way that the asbestos manufacturers hid the information about the health risks involved. As a result of this terrible conduct, victims filing a mesothelioma lawsuit and filing with the Mesothelioma Trust has become very common.

Your lawyer should file both a lawsuit as well as the mesothelioma trust fund to protect you and your family’s financial future.

Talk is Cheap — Do the Research

Though there are plenty of attorneys who will tell you that they are qualified to represent you and who will promise you high payouts, there are a number of reasons why it is crucial that you find the right attorney based on your location, past work experience and an analysis of the law firm’s success based on representing people who have a similar asbestos exposure to you.

The right mesothelioma law firm must have a successful and long track record of representing and winning mesothelioma cases for their clients.

Call us today at 1-800-706-5606. We truly care about our clients and their families.

The right mesothelioma lawyers will have spent years working on behalf of mesothelioma clients and will continually add to their resources and pool of knowledge in order to be the best possible resource for their clients.

Fill out the form so we can provide information on the best possible mesothelioma lawyers in your area. We are ready to help you with whatever questions you may have and provide you the legal resources and options you need.

National Reach and Reputation, Local Contacts

Asbestos and mesothelioma cases must be filed in the right location, not where it’s convenient for the lawyers. Every lawyer is licensed by the state he or she practices in and so they often want to file the case in that area. You should make sure the law firm you hire is filing the case in the location that will maximize the value of your recovery. This is often where the asbestos exposure occurred or where you live.

We can provide you information so you can select the law firm that will pursue a mesothelioma lawsuit on your behalf wherever it is appropriate and that the law firm has the full knowledge as to all of the specific rules governing the filing of mesothelioma cases in appropriate courthouse / locations. This is very important, as each state has its own rules regarding time limitations and requirements for filing mesothelioma cases. If you are working with a firm that is not familiar with these differences, you run the risk of missing important deadlines and being shut out of the possibility of collecting the mesothelioma settlement that you deserve. Do not make this mistake.

The Free Mesothelioma Guide will provide you the ability to determine which law firm to hire. Our process insures that you receive the personal touch that is so important during this emotional and difficult time.

Simplifying a Complex Decision

Finding the best mesothelioma attorney can be a complex matter, but it shouldn’t feel that way to you. Whether you or your loved one is the mesothelioma patient, you have better things to worry about than making sure you have the right lawyer.

We have done the legwork and investigation, and we will provide you with the details so you can make an informed decision. The quicker you do this the more time you will have to concentrate on the rest of your life, working on your health and spending time with your family and friends.