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According to the Environmental Working Group, there were nearly 1700 asbestos deaths in Massachusetts between 1979 and 2001. 759 of these deaths were caused by asbestosis. Nearly 970 fatalities were from malignant mesothelioma, an incurable cancer caused by long-term asbestos exposure. Below we mention how the history of industrial development contributed to the statistics above and why workers have and continue to seek compensation for industrial asbestos exposure. Even with the addition of asbestos trust funds qualified mesothelioma lawyers provide valuable specialization required to get the compenasation the victims of asbestos exposure need to meet their medical expenses and increased living expenses.

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Massachusetts Asbestos History

The twentieth century was a changing time for Americans, especially due to the rapid industrial growth in the country. Massachusetts became a main center for the production of machinery, electronic products, food products, and metal. Though residents and workers in Massachusetts were highly benefitted by this industrial growth, the large-scale use of asbestos by all these industries has placed the state in eleventh place in nationwide asbestos-related deaths.

Massachusetts Job Sites Known for Asbestos Contamination

The location of Massachusetts on the United States East Coast made it a major shipbuilding hub. Until the 1980s, the Boston area in Massachusetts was the source of Navy ships, whaling ships, steamboats, clippers, fishing boats and many ships used in the First and Second World Wars.

Though shipyards have contributed substantially to the military power and the economy, the industry heavily used asbestos until the 1980s. The hazardous cancer-causing mineral was present in most parts of ships and small vessels.

The Boston Naval Shipyard repaired, refit, or built all types of ship for the Navy between 1800 and 1974. As the U.S. Navy insisted when it modernized in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, all its ships were built with components containing asbestos. All the navy ships built between the 1930s and 1970s contained at least 300 components containing asbestos. As a result, thousands of sailors and shipyard workers developed diseases such as asbestosis, malignant mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Other Massachusetts Shipyards with Asbestos Issues

Charlestown Naval Yard

Fairhaven Shipyard

Fore River Shipyard

Victory Yard

Additional Massachusetts Job Sites with Asbestos Problems

Here are some other job sites where employees were exposed to asbestos:

  • Algonquin Generating Plant
  • Bethlehem Steel Shipyard
  • General Dynamics Shipyard
  • Lawrence Factory
  • Marlboro Electric Co
  • Mead Paper Mill
  • Monsanto Plant
  • Norton Grinding Co
  • Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant
  • Stevens Paper Mill
  • Tyco Healthcare Group Textile Mill Site, Walpole
  • University of Massachusetts
  • W.R. Grace Site, Walpole