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Kansas City has a diverse economy driven by many industries. Though these industries have helped the Kansas City to become a top city, many people in the city has suffered exposure to high levels of asbestos fibers at assembly plants, packing plants, mills, railroads and more. Injured workers with malignant mesothelioma and other asbestos exposure are advised to seek a top Kansas City mesothelioma lawyer to arrange compensation from asbestos trust funds.
Hire a Kansas City Mesothelioma Lawyer

We seek help these workers find a top Kansas City mesothelioma lawyer, please call us at toll-free at 1-800-706-5606 or submit our online form by clicking the “CLCK TO FILE YOUR CLAIM” button above for a representative to contact you. Injured workers have a chance to win compensation from mesothelioma trust funds established by various companies to compensate asbestos exposure victims. A top Kansas City mesothelioma attorney will help you claim compensation with the trust funds and get paid in just 90 days.

Harcros Chemical Company

Harcros Chemical Co is chemical manufacturing and distribution firm based in Kansas City. The company has 28 distribution centers which are scattered all through the U.S. Harcros distribute a number of different chemical products manufactured by several chemical manufacturing companies such as Eastman, BASF and DuPont. Asbestos was a major additive in these products. As a result, those who work with and around these products were exposed to the hazardous carcinogen.

Other Kansas City Job Sites with Asbestos Problems

Power Stations and Plants

  • Kaw Power Station
  • Kansas City Corrugated Plant
  • Quindaro Power Station
  • Owen Plant
  • National Farms Power Plant

Hospitals, Schools and Libraries

  • University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Kansas City University
  • Kansas City Library

Oil Companies

  • Phillips Oil Refinery
  • Independent Oil and Gas

Other Businesses

  • Kansas City Board of Commissioners
  • CONSOL Energy
  • Commerce National Bank
  • Corn Products Refining Co
  • Plibrico Sales and Service
  • Kansas City International Airport
  • Sunshine Bakery
  • Schwarzschild & Sulzberger Co
  • Sunflower Army Ammunition
  • Union Pacific Railroad

Medical Assistance in Kansas City

The University of Kansas Cancer Center, also known as KCC, is a National Cancer Institute-recognized cancer treatment center. KCC provides comprehensive medical treatment to patients suffering from malignant mesothelioma and other asbestos-linked diseases such as asbestosis and lung cancer. In addition to state-of-the-art care and treatment, KCC offers in-depth cancer research, clinical trials, and education provided by the most prominent doctors, nurses, scientists, and researchers in the United States.


The University of Kansas Hospital

3901 Rainbow Blvd

Kansas City, KS-66160

Phone: 913-588-1227