Delaware Mesothelioma Lawyers

Delaware has provided numerous people with jobs in the construction, manufacturing and chemical industries for decades. Though these jobs have helped them earn a living and take care of their loved ones, heavy use of asbestos was an important problem. All the Delaware industries used the cancer-causing mineral in a wide variety of products, equipment, buildings, and machinery until the 1980s. Many buildings constructed before the 1980s are still intact and many of them still contain asbestos. These industries provided the residents of Delaware a means of employment. However, all these industries heavily used asbestos until the 1970s and put the workers at risk of malignant mesothelioma and other disease linked to asbestos exposure so dedicated Delaware mesothelioma lawyers are used to obtain compensation from asbestos trust funds and other responsible parties.

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Delaware Statute of Limitations for Asbestos/Mesothelioma Lawsuits

In Delaware, lawsuits over asbestos exposure should be filed within 2 years from the date of diagnosis or discovery of the asbestos-related injury. For wrongful death lawsuits, the plaintiffs must file within 2 years of the actual date of death of the victim.

Delaware Job Sites Known for Asbestos Problems

As mentioned earlier, the economy of Delaware was manly driven by chemical, construction and manufacturing industries. DuPont Chemical, a leading chemical and paint company in the U.S., exposed thousands of individuals to asbestos. Though the company was aware of the hazards as early as 1930s, it continued to use asbestos in boilers, pipes, equipment and machinery until the 1980s. Many former DuPont workers developed asbestos-related diseases including mesothelioma. Consequently, DuPont faced numerous asbestos lawsuits, accusing the company of negligence.

In addition to DuPont, almost all other chemical companies and other businesses used asbestos until the EPA started regulating the substance in the 1980s. These companies include:

Atlas Chemical, Wilmington
Croda Incorporated, New Castle
Dow Chemical, Newark
General Chemical Corp, Claymont (also called Delaware Valley Works or DVW)
Helix Associates Incorporated, Newark
W.R. Grace, Delaware

Additional Delaware Companies, Military Bases, Schools and Other Buildings with Asbestos Problem

Albert Einstein Academy
Atlantic Oil
Chrysler Plant
Dover AFB
Evraz Claymont Steel Holdings
Getty Oil Co / Refinery
Hockessin Montessori School
John Dickinson High School
Motiva Enterprises
Our Lady of Lourdes Church
Standard Chlorine of Delaware
Sun Oil Co
Tall Oaks Classical School
Texaco Refinery
Tidewater Refinery
William Penn High School

Naturally-Occurring Asbestos (NOA) in Delaware

In Delaware, naturally occurring asbestos deposit is there in New Castle County and covers an area of nearly 1.5 miles. The Mount Cuba Serpentine body is littered with asbestos. However, the NOA deposits in this area have never been mined commercially.

Delaware Asbestos-related Death Statistics

According to the Environmental Working Group, Delaware ranks 44 in the U.S. in asbestos-related deaths. In Delaware between 1999 and 2008, there were 153 deaths caused by asbestos exposure. Of these, 100 deaths were caused by malignant mesothelioma. The 53 remaining deaths were caused by asbestosis.

Medical Assistance for Mesothelioma Victims in Delaware

St. Francis Hospital
701 N. Clayton St
Wilmington, DE-19805
Phone: 302-421-4100

Helen F. Graham Cancer Center
4701 Ogletown-Stanton Rd.
Newark, DE-19713
Phone: 302-623-4500