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The law offices of Danziger & De Llano is devoted to assisting persons and family members with excellent client services and individual attention.  If we believe that we can help you with moving your case forward, we will assign a group of legal professionals including attorneys to assist and guide you through this delicate process.

We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that every client receives the personal and proper attention he or she deserves. From the moment you first talk to us about your situation until the moment you receive your financial award, your needs and concerns are always put first. Feel free to contact us even after your legal needs have been met and let us know how you are doing.

Call us immediately at 1-800-706-5606 or fill out the form on the left in order to receive mesothelioma assistance today. Mesothelioma Lawyer Locators works with clients throughout the United States. Our case managers will fly out to meet you face to face in order to personally assist you and your loved ones.

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