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Workers to Cover Asbestos at Former Davidson Mill Site

People residing at a Davidson (NC) neighborhood are concerned regarding how much asbestos exposure they have had. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) officials discovered that it was from a former shingles factory site.

Joanne Archie, a resident, said she knows that asbestos is there. The state DEQ says they have been exposed to the hazardous carcinogen.

Amer Raja, another resident, said the EPA had disclosed that asbestos was there in their front yard and back yard. He said the news that the toxic mineral had spread to his house was alarming. He said he is worried about his son who is just 2 years old.

According to the state, the presence of asbestos was first confirmed in the fall following a slope was eroded by heavy rainfall. Between the 1930s and 60s, Carolina Asbestos Co was using the site for producing asbestos shingles. The state says asbestos-tainted rain water should have flown onto two nearby residential streets.

Joanne Archie said she grew up there. She said she had developed lung cancer in 2012. Archie says she thinks her cancer is linked to asbestos exposure because she played in the mill yard and worked in the mill.

Raja says he is thankful that some action was taking place. He said he hopes that the problem will get resolve quickly.

Archie said it’s a bit too late. It should have been done long ago, she said.

Contractors will place unpolluted soil as well as fiber matting over the slope to stabilize it and prevent this to happen once again. According to the state, the work will take at least four days to complete.

Asbestos Exposure

Exposure to asbestos has been linked to the contraction of severe respiratory disorders and cancers such as lung cancer and malignant mesothelioma. It may also cause other dangerous medical conditions such as asbestosis and pleural thickening. Asbestos exposure can be environmental, occupational or secondhand. In most cases, asbestos-related diseases are a result of occupational exposure. Most victims were people who worked at various job sites including construction, manufacturing and shipbuilding.

Mesothelioma Claims

Mesothelioma claims can be filed against the parties responsible for the condition because, in most cases, asbestos exposure is a result of negligence. The victims can win substantial financial compensation by suing the negligent parties. The service of a specialized attorney is essential for filing mesothelioma claims.

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