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OSHA Fines Five Employers for Asbestos Violations

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has cited 5 employers for allegedly failing to warn workers regarding asbestos and failing to prevent hazards including asbestos exposure and to provide workers with proper protection. The companies are facing $185150 in fines.

According to the federal agency, the companies failed to inform workers renovating a building in San Antonio of the presence of hazardous asbestos. The agency said the companies have to pay $185150 in fines for allowing workers to be exposed to asbestos and other hazards.

OSHO issued fines against the employers following an inspection at One Eleven Park Ave, a multi-family property in San Antonio.

Asbestos exposure could have catastrophic outcomes, such as cancer and lung disorders, said Alejandro Porter, OSHA’s Area Director for San Antonio. Employers must take action for keeping workers from hazards by informing them of the dangers exist in their workplace and providing them with adequate safety apparel, Porter said.

Roscoe Properties Incorporated and One Eighty Construction were cited for a willful violation for allegedly failing to inform workers of the presence, amount and location of asbestos. Additionally, One Eighty was cited with a serious violation for allegedly failing to make sure that asbestos-contaminated materials were being removed properly. Roscoe Properties and One Eighty Construction were fined $70,000 and $76,230 respectively.

OSHA cited Varco Builders o TX, a building renovation contractor, after the company allegedly failed to use the right work practices for asbestos removal. Additionally, the company failed to protect its workers from electrical hazards, according to OSHA. Varco was issued a fine of $9,240 for safety violations and $18,480 for health violations.

The other two companies at issue are Colors Unlimited and One Eleven Park. Colors Unlimited was issued a fine of $8400. One Eleven received $2800 in fines.

The companies have fifteen business days from the receipt of the citations to comply. They can either request a conference with Alejandro Porter or appeal the citations and fines before the Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission.

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