Lawsuits Filed over Asbestos-related Lung Cancer

A former steelworker’s daughter is suing more than 20 defendant corporations over allegations that they caused her dad to contract lung cancer by exposing him to extremely toxic asbestos dust and fibers.

Jessie Startup is suing the companies as the personal administratrix of deceased Billy Looney’s estate. Startup has filed a lawsuit on 27th January in the circuit court of Cook County, naming quite a few companies as defendants. The defendants include Union Carbide and A W Chesterton, in addition to tens of other companies.

The complaint states that Looney had been exposed to hazardous asbestos fibers through the listed defendants’ products from 1952 until 1985. According to the suit, Looney was working as a steelworker during this period. As a result of heavy asbestos exposure, Looney developed lung cancer that ultimately caused his tragic death, the suit claims.

In her lawsuit, Startup claims that the defendant companies were aware of / should’ve known of the hazardous features of their products and the fact that exposure to those products could result in severe physical harm. However, they negligently failed to provide enough warnings of the hazards of exposure to those products, the lawsuit claims. The companies also failed to provide Looney with sufficient respiratory protection while working around dangerous products, the suit states. Startup is seeking unspecified compensatory damages for her father’s sufferings prior to his death and her own losses due to the death.

In another case, a former maintenance and repair employee’s spouse is suing two dozen companies over claims that exposure to the defendants’ asbestos-containing products caused her husband to contract lung cancer that ended up in his death.

Mary Cleveland, as the rep. for deceased Archie Cleveland, has filed a suit on 4th February in the Circuit Court of Cook County against HB Fuller Company, Union Carbide and a number of other businesses. The lawsuit was filed on 4th February in the circuit court of Cook County in Chicago.

According to the suit, Archie had been exposed to hazardous asbestos from 1955 until 1979 while working in automotive and home repair, remodeling and maintenance. Cleveland claims that the asbestos exposure caused him to contract lung cancer that ultimately resulted in his death.

Cleveland alleges that the defendants were aware of or should have known of the risks involved in works with and around asbestos products. However, they failed to warn Archie of the hazards, the lawsuit states.

Cleveland is seeking an unknown amount in damages.