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Baltimore has a history of extensive asbestos use in many industries until the EPA implemented strict asbestos regulations in the 1980s. The major Baltimore businesses that heavily relied on asbestos were shipyards, manufacturing plants, construction, steel companies, and paper mills. Many former workers of these industries have already died from various asbestos-related diseases like mesothelioma. They were entitled to significant compensation often and used dedicated Baltimore mesothelioma lawyers to aid them in seeking compensation from asbestos trust funds and the responsible parties.

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Retaining efficient and qualified specialists like mesothelioma lawyers can maximize your chance to obtain the highest possible damages. Many claimants’ look to friends, relatives and associates for a local attorney referral when in reality mesothelioma actions are often decided elsewhere. Claimants don’t always know that asbestos exposure claims are complicated so a smooth claim will be more likely when a specialist like a mesothemiola lawyer handles the claim. We are an organization that aids people who have questions or need further assistance. To take advantage of this free service to claimants to find a top mesothelioma lawyer in Baltimore we provide through our claims managers a variety of free support tools and information options. At the top of every page is a button that reads “Click to File Your Claim” which provides a form to start your claim. In the right margin on most pages you’ll see a form to get an information package on trust funds and below that is our asbestos claim calculator. Please call us at 1-800-793-4540 to speak to a claims manager.

The Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard

Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard is located at 2401 Hawkins Point Rd, Curtis Bay, six miles away from Baltimore. Many ships were repaired at the yard until the 1990s. However, the busiest time for the Curtis Bay Coast Guard Yard was the First and Second World War era when nearly 3000 individuals worked at various operations and jobs. Unfortunately, this was the time when the use of asbestos was at its peak. Many former yard workers later developed mesothelioma and other asbestos diseases.

Titan Steel Corp

Like most other steel businesses in the U.S., Titan Steel Corp also heavily relied on asbestos before the 1980s. It was once one of the largest steel distributors in the world. So, a large number of people suffered asbestos exposure while working for Titan Steel and many of them developed asbestos-induced medical conditions such as mesothelioma.

Key Highway Shipyard

Like all other U.S. shipyards, Key Highway Shipyard also heavily used asbestos in its buildings, equipment and parts. As a result, many workers suffered prolonged asbestos exposure while working for the shipyard. During the First and Second World War, thousands of naval ships were repaired at the Key Highway shipyard and more than 11000 people worked there. All these workers were exposed to asbestos on a daily basis and a number of them later developed fatal ailments including mesothelioma.

Other Baltimore Job Sites with Asbestos Problems

Along with shipyards, oil corporations and steel companies, many hospitals and schools built before the 1980s used asbestos in their buildings. Many of these schools and hospitals are still in operation.


Allegheny Community College

Arundel Elementary

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Belmont Elementary

Calverton Middle

Cardinal Gibbons

Deep Creek Middle

Dunbar HS

Edmondson HS

Forest Park HS

Greenspring HS

Hilton Elementary

Howard HS

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Johns Hopkins University

Lombard Middle

Middle River HS

Northwestern Senior HS

Parkville HS

Raven HS

St. Michael’s School

Seton Keough HS

Sussex Elementary

Walbrook HS

Western HS

Steel Companies

Armco Steel Corp

Bethlehem Steel

Eastern Stainless Steel Corp

Scullin Steel Co

Sparrow Points Steel Mill

Oil Corporations

American Oil Co

Baltimore United Oil Co

Caso Standard Oil Co

Continental Oil Co

Esso Standard Oil Co

Gulf Oil Co

Humble Oil Co

Hess Oil Co

Standard Oil Refinery


Baltimore City

Bon Secours

Franklin Square

Good Samaritan

Harbor Hospital

Johns Hopkins

Montebello State Hospital

Mount Sinai

Saint Agnes

Spring Grove

Union Memorial

Baltimore Asbestos-Related Statistics

According to the Environmental Working Group, more than 1300 asbestos-linked deaths have been reported in Maryland between 1979 and 2001. Of these, 350 deaths took place in Baltimore.

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