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Portland is the major hub of the Maine’s diverse economy that includes heavy industry, fishing, shipbuilding, telecommunication, and financial services. All these Portland industries widely used asbestos-containing materials until the 1980s. Consequently, many former Portland workers have developed diseases including malignant mesothelioma. A leading Portland mesothelioma lawyer will be able to help you get paid from asbestos trust funds in 90 days.

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USAEP claim managers help those who have developed mesothelioma or other asbestos-connected injuries to get the damages they may be entitled to in financial compensation. To maximize the chance of victory in the legal battle, you must hire an efficient Portland mesothelioma attorney. To find a top mesothelioma lawyer in Portland we provide either on the site or through a claims manager a variety of free support tools and information options. At the top of every page is a button that reads “Click to File Your Claim” which provides a form to start your claim. Furthermore, in the right margin on most pages you’ll see a form to get an information package on trustfunds and below that is our asbestos claim calculator. Please call us at 800-793-4540 to speak to a claims manager.

Portland Shipyards and Asbestos Exposure

Maine has long been associated with shipbuilding. The British Navy used Pines and several other trees growing in Maine forests for building warships. The United States Navy also built many ships in Portland. Unfortunately, asbestos was extensively used by the shipbuilding industry due to its several wonderful features and low cost. In addition to different parts and components, asbestos was also used in facilities due to its high strength and capability to resist fire and heat.

Two major shipyards in Portland were operated by South Portland Shipbuilding and Todd-Bath. These companies merged into the New England Shipbuilding later. The company was closed following the Second World War.

Other Asbestos-affected Job Sites in Portland

In addition to shipbuilding, all major industries used asbestos-containing materials abundantly in facilities, machineries, equipment and more. These facilities include paper mills, chemical plants, power stations, dockyards, airports, rail yards, and public buildings. Some major Portland job sites where workers suffered asbestos exposure in the past include:

  • Boston & Maine (B&M) Railroad Yard in Portland
  • Cape Generating Station (South Portland)
  • Maine Central Railroad Yard (South Portland)
  • New England Shipbuilding Co (East and West Yards)
  • Portland Transportation Center
  • Randall & McAllister Coal Co
  • Wyman Power Station (Yarmouth)

Medical Assistance in Portland

The Maine Medical Center Cancer Institute, also known as MMCCI, offers most comprehensive oncology services in New England.

Maine Medical Center Cancer Institute

100 Campus Drive

Suite 111

Scarborough, Maine-04074

Phone: 207-396-7784

Website: https://mainehealth.org/maine-medical-center/services/cancer-institute