Baton Rouge Mesothelioma Lawyer

Baton Rouge is mainly known for its shipbuilding yards and port activities. The city has a significant presence in the construction and industrial section. There are several massive oil refineries which provide employment for thousands of Baton Rouge residents. Unfortunately, all these industries relied on hazardous asbestos before the EPA set forth strict asbestos regulations in the 1980s. As a result, many former Baton Rouge workers contracted asbestosis, mesothelioma and other injuries linked to asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma victims have a good chance to receive significant financial compensation from asbestos trust funds. To ensure victory in the legal battle, asbestos victims must hire leading mesothelioma lawyers.

Find a Baton Rouge Mesothelioma Lawyer

To find the best mesothelioma lawyers in Baton Rouge this organization provides free support that includes an asbestos claim calculator, review of forms required to start your claim as well as phone support at 1-800-706-5606 and a claims manager will contact you and answer questions you may have about making a claim or finding a qualified Baton Rouge mesothelioma attorney.

Port of Baton Rouge

Port of Baton Rouge, a shipping port which is situated in Port Allen, handles and transports an array of cargos. Before the 1980s, many contractors and employees worked here and unloaded 100-pound bags of cargos containing full of asbestos. Additionally, workers had to open those bags periodically for inspection. Because of the hazardous nature of this job, many former Port of Baton Rouge workers developed asbestos-induced illnesses including mesothelioma.

Dow Chemical

Louisiana resident Sidney Mabile was an employee of Dow Chemical Co form many years. He, along with numerous other Dow Chemical employees, was exposed to the dangerous carcinogen on a daily basis. Because of his repeated occupational asbestos exposure, Mabile developed mesothelioma and he decided to sue his employer for negligence. In 2013 August, won a $5.3 million verdict from a Baton Rouge jury.

Other Job Sites Known for Asbestos Problems


Broadmoor Middle
Central Middle
Louisiana State University
Mckinley HS
Mckinley Magnet Middle
Scotlandville Magnet HS
Southern University

Chemical Companies and Asbestos Companies

Allied Chemical Co
Borden Chemical Incorporated
Consolidated Chemical Corp
Copolymer Rubber and Chemical Corp
The Dow Chemical Co
Enjay Chemical Co
W.R. Grace Chemical Research & Development
Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp
Stauffer Chemical Co
Uniroyal Chemical
Eagle Asbestos and Packing Co Incorporated
Standard Asbestos Manufacturing and Insulating Co

Other Companies, Facilities and Buildings

Avondale Shipyard
B & B Engineering and Supply Co
Mobile Oil
Earl K. Long Medical Center
Big Cajun Power Plant
Baton Rouge Municipal Dock
Humble Oil and Refining Co
ESSo Research
Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp
Cajun Electric
Reilly-Benton Co Incorporated

Medical Assistance in Baton Rouge

Victims of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related conditions must seek treatment from a medical center or physician specializes in these kinds of diseases. Mesothelioma and other diseases caused by asbestos exposure are considered rare in the medical community and therefore it is important to get treatment from doctors who understand these diseases. The Ochsner Health Center in Baton Rouge has physicians specialized in asbestos-related health issues.

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