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Dollar Tree Store Closed After Discovery of Crumbling Asbestos Floor Tiles

A downtown Dollar Tree store, which was closed after the discovery of crumbling asbestos floor tiles, poses high risk to human health, according to a report released recently by the WorkSafe B.C.

The store, located 1420 Douglas Street, had received a stop-work order by the WorkSafe B.C. on February 21. The store’s been closed since then.

According to the report, the tiles found were in pulverized condition and employees had to work in that area. The statutory agency says the employer failed to control the material by enclosure, encapsulation or removal. The space was accessed by workers who moved materials across those floor tiles, WorkSafe B.C. report says.

Dollar Tree officials haven’t responded to the issue.

Bernard Dong and Janet Dong, the owners of the building, say they are developing plans for remedying the situation. They said they are in talks with Dollar Tree which leases the building. Dongs said they were negotiating how the remediation cost would be covered.

Asbestos was widely used in construction products until the 1980s, but now it is known to everyone that inhalation of its fibers could cause severe respiratory problems and other injuries including cancer. Mesothelioma, a cancer of the mesothelium, is the deadliest asbestos-related disease.

Bernard Dong says the floor would be repaired. He said their relationship with Dollar Tree is really good and they expect the store will reopen.

Dollar Tree, a discount variety stores chain headquartered in Chesapeake (VA), operates 13,600 stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, the company operates multi-price-point variety chains under names Family Dollar and Deals.

Dong said Dollar Tree opened the Douglas Street store after the store run by the Fields Stores Ltd moved out. The lease was then transferred to Dollar Tree, according to Dong. He says he contributed nearly $75000 for renovating the store and paid also for a roof before Dollar Tree started operating the Douglas Street store.

Asbestos has been an issue in the building in the past as well. Last year, WorkSafe B.C. inspectors had discovered deteriorating asbestos-containing floor tiles in the basement warehouse. A specialized consulted examined the environmental problems in the building and nearly $50,000 was spent for addressing the issue, according to Dong.

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